Passkey 3 Bypass

If you want go ahead and tuck those wires away with a zip tie or twist tie, etc. so that its not hanging and swinging around.This makes sure that your bypass will work. 5. Fold the exposed wiring in half and twist tight and clean.

VATS / PASSLOCK / TRANSPONDER Universal Alarm Bypass Module

Also, I pulled this from a different site a while ago about the possible values and associated acceptable resistor values for the PassKey II system.Well ok now that you answered that here is what you are going to need.But if anyone is having problems with seeing the pictures let me know and I will re-take them.

Passkey 3 (PK3) and Passlock II data bypass kit for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn vehicles.

1992 Buick Park Avenue 3.8L PassKey - iATN

The resistance in the key is read by something other than the PCM (computer).

This is the trickiest part, so ask the guys at the store to help you out or refer to a friend who is a wiz at this stuff.This does not reprogram the key value recognition, it only reprograms how the two modules talk to each other over the data link between them.I only used it for illustration purposes because it was clear. 5. Crimp on your bullet connectors to the ends of your wires.

I got under the dash and started tracing some wires and found that one of the two wires used for the resistor was loose at the factory harness way up under the dash.GM Passlock Bypass. and this is the wire that furnishes an analog signal to the Body Control Module to tell it that a key has been.

They just bypass a small part of it (key and lock) and so end up with their car stuck.It works for VATS, PassKey and Passlock. 30 days money back guarantee.You need to remove the starter and tighten down the nuts that hold the electrical connectors to it.In case your car is still not starting after installation of the PRO Full Bypass module, please check the following and perform the.Thats just about what I was refering to in the BRB thread, only using an RFID chip that you would put on your keychain.I am a fan of using technology for its usefulness and not necessarily for its wow factor, but if the two meet, then all the better.

GM VATS Bypass - LT1 Swap

Best Answer: Your Silhouette has Passkey III (see the first source).As a better fix to this, you may want to include how to put the resistor as close as possible to the actual security module to prevent this.Inherently, you could wire a toggle switch with the strong of resistors and not have to remove them.So, if all else fails, heres how to bypass the security system.

No key required Works on 109 different vehicle Stable from 4.5 to 25 volts, and to -40 degrees Celsius Immobilizer bypass, bypass the vehicles immobilizer (VATS, Passlock, PATS and PassKey Transponders) for enabling remote car starter installations.Anyone else had their first generation Aurora computer reprogrammed.

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