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Hi all, We have 4000 aborted instances when we see in the OBPM workspace for now.Hello SharePoint geeks, How to move list items between meeing workspace instances (recurrence) programmatically.Depending on server speed you will need to wait a few minutes after restarts to get into system -- if you still receive the message please read below.

My assumption is that I dont have a active reference to the loaded solutions workspace.It also seems that the ConversationStack already handles a representation of nesting through breadcrumbs.In order to avoid this issue, I have implemented a workspace component which provides the top of each ConversationStack the user is working with.When I change to these settings in printer window: Color Handling: Printer manages color.Given the following scenario, I am looking for advice - best practices.

Or maybe it is possible to assign source location to a file uploaded to a new, empty workspace.The files I am printing are photographs of dogs with lots of detail I digitally painted with my Wacom tablet in Photoshop CS5 and then printed with Epson Stylus 1400 on inkjet paper 20lb with slight luster.

I have a single time dimension but want to show a crosstab formatted using years by 12 months accross.I have it closed in my workspace, which is fine if I manually switch to my workspace after opening ACAD to the default workspace, but when I use a trigger to tell it to open in my workspace, the ribbon is always up.Is there any way to configure EM so that the correct workspace server is the only one available.Question: Is there any way to install more than one instance of SQL 2008 cluster with the same server name.I then use breadcrumbs to represent nesting and allow traversal through nested conversations.When previewing them in the editor or in the browser, they show up, but when I try to run it on the Studio Workspace, some of them are gone.This seems to be unintuitive to users when working within nested conversations (especially when nested 3 or 4 conversations deep).Each time a conversation is nested, the parent as well as the child are contained in the workspace entries.I have a existing presentation screen which i replaced it with our custom jsp.

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In other servers we are able to open to solve this issue.I would appreciate your help since no available solution is found, and I spent weeks on these issue.Can some one help me in deploying the custom workspace EAR file having name other than myCustomApplication.ear.Things work fine when I make a lookup on each of them. but I get an error in the case mentioned below.The instances which were aborted later after the 4000 instances cannot be seen now in the workspace when we search for them by the following route:-.There change the Report Location property to the path that you want.

Can some one help what is the issue, do i need to reconfigure the workspace again.Issue I found with the multi instance cluster is that I cannot have same server name for different instances,the network server name falls under the application resource installed.To change and increase this time, you have to modify the web.config for the Sharepoint site.Or else is there a way to show the presentation in a web page which is what workspace is doing.Anyways, if you use the Global Explorer - Users - Create a new user and assign the schema as the target schema then the tablespace will remain intact and not get changed to USERS.And this easy way is to have these two buttons in the workspace view itself.Hi all, I am facing an issue while logging through presentation server with mozilla.I am successfully able to access presentation server with IE.The issue is happen only while accessing with mozilla.I am seeing this error while the workflow is trying to create a workspace while taking the latest code from Source Control.

More Detail: 1.My presentation screen is called through Interactive component cell 2.which i replaced with custom jsp by changing Implementationtype to BPM Object Interactive call and by selecting Use Jsp Presentation.At this point i am able to see my Jsp instead of presentation screen. 3.Now when i changed to Presentation screen again i am able to see the jsp but not the presentation screen.My issue is when I access the solution it does not map to the active solution.DB:2.50:Question On Moving Workspace And Applications To New Instance c9.Now once again i am trying to go back to presentation screen, but my workspace is still showing the Jsp only.DB:2.50:Ie9 Presentation Bug With Center-Aligned Text In Textareas jz.That fixed our problem and works just fine as long as the user selects the second workspace server from the drop-down list when the log into EM.Hi Experts,We currently use BI Publisher that comes with OBIEE installation and it is integrated with OBIEE Presentation services and BI server (for security).I think there are a big issue with the communication in Veristand.

All four instance databases are mirrored to another site server, which has the same instance structure, therefore on a DR event we have to change only one DNS entry.In workspace Configuration Manager and Service Catalog Option we have the Service Catalog as Disabled within each workspace.

Hi Watchley, In eTester go to Options Current Script Results Results Report.The guide now says I can log into Apex, with a workspace name equal to my user name.Therefore our client wants us to build an easy way to approve or reject instances.This setting change fixed the browser to see the list of applications again. thanks again.Go to the workspace site and click site actions-site settings 2.You need to implement getColumnNames and getColumnDisplayName on your implementation of IBPMUICustomizations.We are not able to connect to the database and the connection object is returning null with no error.Looking at the js file with the menuitem (i thought it is bpm.js) it looks like there is a variable in the menuitem name.

I was prompted to create a workspace and after that I went to my workspace.It might also be helpful to know which Java VM your Eclipse is picking up.Lead users of ALLRegions OU are able to see instances of all sub OUs.

Hi all, I want to eliminate the option for the user to select certain default variables from the list of default variables available when a user edits a presentation in the workspace.When I import a Powerpoint presentation (2003) with a voice over, made in powerpoint, the powerpoint converter hangs.Since we have multiple presentation services, we are planning to deploy multiple instances of BI publisher and integrate each BI publisher with one presentation service.Fig. 5 Selecting the video file from the Photos app in Keynote on the iPad: And, finally, the video is embedded in the Keynote presentation on the iPad. (Fig. 6).

How to time a Keynote Presentation to a music soundtrack

Please follow the below link.I am also trying to customize the default document workspace.Inside the workspace-- Show Filters -- Include the processes whose instances need to be seen -- Status -- Aborted.Is there a way to change the assocaited workspace for a script.Hi Anyone know how to extract a video embedded in a KeyNote slide slow, just the slide and video not the whole presentation.

I store the instance of the service as a field on package implementation itself.DB:2.49:Bi Publisher - Multiple Obiee Repositories - d7.Hello, I am having issue, when I create (or modify) control center.

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